Smart Energy Metering Data Solutions

Smart meters data analytics and AMI 2.0


What do we do?


Analysis Platform with Artificial Intelligence

Concentre dados de medição inteligente em uma plataforma de análise completa. Tenha acesso as informações que deseja e tenha o controle através de predições, alertas e muito mais!


Metering Data

The system has the capacity for Energy Telemetry of UCs in both the free market and captive market


Monitoramento de Rede

Inclusion of distribution transformers from the circuit for comprehensive monitoring

Fox IOt

How does it work?

Fox Iot
Data collection
Through our devices or existing ones, we collect energy measurement data and ensure its arrival in our systems.
Fox Iot
Fox Iot
Data processing
The collected data is processed by our MDM and MDC systems, ensuring they are accurate, concise, and secure for use.
Fox Iot
Insights and AI Predictions
In addition to traditional monitoring, we have intelligent algorithms that analyze the received data, learn from it, and can generate numerous insights such as predictions, anomalies, and much more.
Complete System
Our platform for analysis and monitoring of data. Through it, have access to historical data, management, dashboards, and much more


Partners and Clients

Fox IoT Advantages

You can identify and resolve problems with a few clicks, without the need to move a team.



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