SPINON Platform


Complete data analysis platform for energy distribution

Smart metering, asset management, automation, UC mapping and much more.

Power Management

We listen to demands and create the best tools

Remote Commands

Save effort and avoid inconvenience with remote commands, without needing to send a technical team to the occurrence locations


Set alerts or groups of alerts to quickly find out about any problems that happen in your network


Track power outages in your network and take corrective actions as quickly as possible

Data Analysis

Specialized algorithms for energy distribution data analysis. Insights and much more agility in one place

Data Visualization

We provide information in various forms through intuitive graphs to facilitate insights into data

Power Quality

Monitor DRP and DRC quality indicators and generate auditable files for Regulators


Map all monitored devices and create areas in our interactive map to facilitate control

Constant Evolution

Fox IoT is always grounded in the knowledge curve and innovating. Our platform evolves a lot!


External APIs

We can integrate our data with your ERP or independent system so that your team can develop their own integrations

IoT Device

You provide the devices, and we provide the platform. You can integrate data from your IoT devices and use the platform with your own data



Cloud Computing

Security and availability of Cloud Computing

You an access the platform anytime, anywhere.Just a cell phone or computer with internet access to start operating on the network.