Smart Metering System

Smart Metering



Smart Metering System

Our system is designed for telemetry (Smart Metering) of consumer units in low voltage. We have proprietary device and a fully online system. Our devices can have communication via LoRaWAN or celullar connectivity.

Our system is the ideal solution to meet Regulators requirements and avoid fines or compensation to consumers.

If your company already has smart meters, we can also serve you. Our MDC and MDM have the ability to integrate with other systems.

If you already have a advanced meter insfrascture system installed with MDC and MDM, our data analysis platform is used to bring as many insights as possible to your operation.

The device responsible for communicating with the energy meter, configuring it, and sending information to the systems. Fox IoT's remote device offers communication modularity, supporting either LoRaWAN or Cellular (NB-IoT, LTE-CATM1, 2G) connectivity options.

fox iot

We work with various wireless communication systems. These systems are responsible for transporting meter data to our platform.


Our MDCs and MDM are responsible for collecting and presenting data from remotely monitored meters. 


The star of our solution, our platform is 100% cloud-based and constantly evolving. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are increasingly present and delivering more value based on measurement data.